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What if I need to leave before the reservation’s agreed upon departure date, is there a penalty?

There is no penalty if a guest needs to leave the hotel earlier than the agreed upon departure date, as long as this need is communicated upon check-in. Otherwise, a penalty equal to the first night’s stay will be applied. Instead, if the guest has taken advantage of a “Not Refundable”, reduced rate, the entire amount due must be paid.

Can I cancel my reservation? Are there any penalties?

One should verify the applied rate at the time of booking. In general, no penalty will be applied for cancellations made by 6:00p.m. (local time of the hotel) of the day prior to the scheduled date of arrival. The only exception: if the guest took advantage of a “non-refundable”, reduced rate, no cancellations or variations may be made to the reservation and the rate will still be applied.

Requests for cancellations must be made via email or fax, otherwise a penalty equal to the cost of the first night’s stay will be applied.